Sunday, March 26th, 2017 11:09 pm
Hello everybody!

This month we’ve been super busy preparing for April Showers that start next week and we hope you are as excited for the event as we are. April Showers is an annual event where we celebrate fannish history by spotlighting a different fandom every day of the month. If you want to participate but aren’t sure how or where to start, we prepared a short help page with a lot of useful tips!

After a feedback period, we also implemented the Japanese version of Fanlore’s image policy and purpose aimed at non-English speaking doujinshi creators. It was a true labor of love and we’re really happy it’s finally online.

In other good news, we’ve mentioned in our February Update that the Wayback Machine stopped archiving AO3 links and now we are thrilled to let you know that the problem has been solved! You can learn more about the situation here.

After we implemented the new and improved New Visitor Portal, we started working on the new revamped Main Page. After brainstorming, we came up with a new draft, which you can see here. As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we work on the details. Feel free to leave your comments in the talk page of the draft or using our contact form!

As of March 26, Fanlore has 41,353 articles, which have undergone 719,987 revisions. If you're up for doing one more, why not log in? See you on Recent Changes!
Sunday, February 26th, 2017 08:11 pm
Some time ago, the Fanlore committee was approached with concerns that non-English speaking doujinshi creators might misunderstand Fanlore’s image policy (or be completely unaware of it, if they stumble upon the site randomly) and think that we allow the upload of full unauthorized scans of doujinshi.

To ease their minds and explain more about Fanlore’s policies, we drafted an explanation and had it translated into Japanese.

The explanation is as follows:

Fanlore's purpose and image policy

The purpose of the Fanlore wiki is to give fans a place to record information about their fannish activities and communities. Fanlore is an information site, not an online gallery or a place to post entire fanworks. Things like uploading a scan of a whole doujinshi or a translated scan of a whole doujinshi are absolutely not allowed on Fanlore. Links and pictures on Fanlore have to be relevant to an article, and there must always be attribution for the fan artist.

This wiki is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works, a US-based non-profit organization with members from all over the world that works to support fans. Among many other activities, the OTW provides information about the law to fans, creates software for archiving fanworks in the form of the Archive of Our Own, and publishes academic works about fans. The purpose of the Fanlore wiki is to give fans a place to record information about fan culture and history. Like all other OTW projects, the wiki is a not-for-profit project that is created entirely by fannish volunteers of many nationalities.

Many contributors to this wiki talk about Japanese fans and fanworks, and some also link to Japanese websites and post pictures such as covers of doujinshi they love. Fanlore uses the same linking and image policies as, for instance, the US version of Wikipedia. On the English-language internet, it's normal to link to any website without asking permission, and sometimes also to re-upload images of other people's work in limited ways. US copyright law also has a "fair use" clause that says copyrighted works can be re-used without permission under some circumstances, for instance news reporting, education, or parody. This fair use clause is very important to US fans, because many fans and researchers believe that the fair use clause makes it legal to create fanworks in the US.

Because preserving the fair use clause is so important for fans, Fanlore must allow fans to link to any website or upload a picture from fanart like illustrations and doujinshi, if that picture is relevant to the wiki article they're writing. If part of a fanwork is shown on Fanlore, the fanwork's original license does not change. The person who created the picture does not lose any legal rights they had to their work or its use.

If a Fanlore user has added an image from your fanwork in a way that you're uncomfortable with, please contact the Fanlore administrators, and we will do everything we can to help. If the image was added in a way that's consistent with the fair use clause, it may be impossible for the Fanlore administrators to remove it entirely. But even in such a case, we can also change the size of the image, upload a different version, crop the image, or remove identifying information from it.

If you have any questions or comments about Fanlore, or about the way your fanworks are represented on Fanlore, don't hesitate to contact the wiki administrators. You can use this form to send us a message in Japanese or English. (If you write to us in Japanese, it may take us a little longer to reply because our Japanese volunteers need to translate your message.)

We look forward to hearing from you! If you'd like to write about your experiences as a fan or make corrections to Fanlore articles, please go here to make a free account and add your voice.


Fanlore wikiは様々な作品のファンのために提供された、ファン活動やファンコミュニティに関する情報を記録する場であり、オンラインギャラリーや、ファン作品の内容まるごとを投稿するためのサイトとは違います。目的はあくまで情報の記録であり、当wikiでは同人誌全体をスキャンした画像や、スキャンした同人誌を翻訳した画像をアップロードする行為を固く禁じています。記事への掲載が許可されるのは記事内容に関連のあるリンクまたは画像のみで、画像の著作権はいつでも必ず、作者であるファンアーティストに帰属します。

Fanlore wikiプロジェクトは変形的作品のためのNPO (OTW)によって運営されています。OTWは世界中にメンバーを持つアメリカ合衆国を拠点とした非営利団体で、あらゆる作品のファンをサポートするために活動しています。なかでも代表的なプロジェクトに、ファンに対する法律関係の情報提供、AO3に投稿されたファン作品を保存するためのソフトウェア作成、ファンに関する学術的ジャーナルの発行などがあります。FanloreもまたOTWの他のプロジェクトと同様に、様々な国のファンからなるボランティアによって制作された非営利プロジェクトであり、ファンのみなさんにファン文化とその歴史に関する情報を記録する場を提供することを目的として運営されています。

Fanlore wikiでは、日本のファンやファンがつくった作品についてに多くの編集者が記事の投稿や編集、議論などを行っています。そのため、日本のウェブサイトへのリンクが含まれている記事や、編集者お気に入りの同人誌の表紙画像がアップロードされている記事も少なくありません。リンクと画像の扱いに関して、Fanloreはウィキペディアの米国版に適用されているものと同じルールを守っています。英語圏のインターネット上においてウェブサイトに無断でリンクを貼ることは違法ではなく、一部の条件下では他人によって作成された画像であっても、その作者に断りを取らずに再アップロードすることができるのです。米著作権法の「フェアユース」条項においても、ニュース報道、教育、またはパロディが目的であるケースにおいて、著作物の再利用は合法とされています。アメリカ合衆国のファンやファン創作研究者の多くはファン創作を合法だと考えていますが、その根拠となっているのがこのフェアユースです。そのためアメリカのファンたちにとって、フェアユースはとても重要な法律です。





We plan to post both English and Japanese versions on a separate/dedicated Fanlore page. It will be linked to from the main image policy page as well as in the doujinshi infobox template to ensure that Japanese fans will be able to see it.

Before the page goes up on Fanlore, we want to hear from the fans!

If you are a member of the Japanese fandom, or know somebody who is knowledgeable about doujinshi, please read through the note and let us know if it addresses all the concerns one might have.

Spread the word among your Japanese friends on social media and ask for their input as well. If they are uncomfortable communicating with us in English, please let them know they can leave us comments in Japanese.

If you don’t want to leave comments here, you can always email us your thoughts at

For the next two weeks, we will be gathering input from everybody before proceeding with implementation. Thank you in advance for all the help, and see you on Recent Changes!
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 08:07 pm
Hi, everyone,

In the past few weeks, we've done some small changes, including improving our New Visitors Portal and increasing the frequency of news posted to the Fanlore main page. We're also starting to prepare for the upcoming April Showers celebration.

This week, we're recruiting for new Fanlore committee staffers. These volunteers are responsible for dealing with various behind the scenes stuff to ensure that Fanlore runs smoothly. They respond to questions and complaints; help draft and improve Fanlore policies, categories, and tutorials; assist Fanlore gardeners and other editors; promote Fanlore; and do their best to improve it and plan ahead. No extensive experience is required—only reliability, teamwork, and an interest in fannish history and Fanlore in particular.

If you think you might be interested, please check out the position details and fill out a volunteer application on our website. Join us!

Lastly, an important note: the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has stopped archiving all links to our sister project, the Archive of Our Own. There are several of these on Fanlore, and we of course strongly believe the Archive should be preserved, so we, in addition to the AO3 development team and the OTW Board, are doing our best to reach out to the Internet Archive team and learn the reason for this error.

As of February 22, Fanlore has 40,970 articles, which have undergone 714,168 revisions. If you're up for doing one more, why not log in? See you on Recent Changes!
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 10:05 pm
Hello everybody and welcome to 2017!

Hope you have your New Year’s resolutions ready. Our own 2017 plans include a lot of reviewing and improving of Fanlore to make sure it’s as accessible as possible. We’re starting off with redesigning of the Main Page as well as the New Visitor Portal.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

    Visit our new draft of the Portal page as well as the the old version we are trying to improve upon and let us know if you have any suggestions! What should we include in there? Do you have any ideas that could help accessibility? What do you think new and potential editors could really use? Leave your comments in the Talk page for the draft.

    Take a closer look at the Main page and think of what is missing there. Share your suggestions in the talk page.

Please remember, your input is incredibly valuable; not only due to your fandom knowledge (which we hope you’ll share on the various Fanlore pages), but also because sometimes, two heads are better than one. With that mind, try checking out recent questions asked in various Fanlore talk pages. Your voice and opinion matters more than you think!

As of January 22, 2017, Fanlore has 40,734 articles which have undergone 709,760 edits. See you on Recent Changes!
Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 03:04 pm
Apologies for the radio silence! Things have been quiet in the committee, but we're back, and we've been doing some internal reshuffling and changing some things up to help Fanlore be more organized and responsive. Please let us know what you think!

Gardeners as OTW volunteers

One structural change we're undergoing is transitioning Fanlore gardeners to become OTW volunteers. This doesn't change what gardeners do in practice, but it will give us more tools to keep in touch as a group and provide training to new gardeners. We're contacting each gardener as part of this transition—if you haven't received an email yet, please email us as soon as possible.

Please share your thoughts

We'd like to hear your thoughts about what Fanlore's biggest challenges and priorities are, to help define what our next steps should be. What do you think we should change? Which Fanlore issues need addressing the most urgently? Please reply to this short survey if you can!

Guest post about Library of Congress archival

Check out this post with Nicole Sayor, head of the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center, talking about the Web Cultures collection, which Fanlore is a part of, and their work.

Image upload form change

The image upload form has been edited so that the default box is pre-filled with the image summary template. We hope that's helpful to everyone!

In other news…

  • We're renaming the Wiki committee to "Fanlore committee" for clarity.

  • The committee has a new acting chair, Priscilla. Jsparc is staying on a staffer, and Tiyire has left the committee.

  • Other recent personnel changes: Doro is moving from staffer to gardener; SoyAlex is returning as a staffer; Oxymora is also joining as a staffer. Say hi if you see them around!

We're still editing Fanlore to fit these changes, by the way, so apologies if you notice pages that are out of date in the next few days.

As of November 15, 2016, Fanlore has 40,120 articles, which have undergone 697,626 edits. See you on Recent Changes!
Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 08:13 am
I think we need to set up a Fanlore Account on Tumblr. We already have a Twitter account run by OTW Communications (thank you Pip!) and there is a way for those regular tweets to be automatically sent to a Fanlore Tumblr. I'd be willing to set up the Official Fanlore account on Tumblr and also tweak some of the cross-post settings so that we can mirror either the Tumblr posts here or DW posts like this one on Tumblr .

But we need someone to manage the Tumblr account. It should be a low key affair. I make regular fandom history and Fanlore posts on my tumblr blog which could be reblogged.  The Ask Box could be left open in case anyone wants to touch base via Tumblr. Thee are also periodic OTW announcement posts that might be suitable for reblogging.

Anyone other ideas for this Official Fanlore Tumblr account? Tumblr is a rich visual medium and we have lots of content on Fanlore that would be great for blogging.

Anyone interested?

Thursday, September 1st, 2016 08:51 pm

Banner by Caitie of autumn leaves with text saying fanlore stub september.

It's that time again! Fans are welcome to edit Fanlore at any time of the year, but this month the Wiki Committee is organizing a special event. Stub September is a challenge for everyone, newcomers and seasoned Fanlore editors alike, to pick a stub and expand on it. A stub is an article on Fanlore that is under-developed and missing important information.

Right now, there are over 2,000 existing pages on Fanlore that are already identified as stubs. You can use the list to find a page where you know something about the topic, and edit the page to add your new information. Simple!

We're changing up the format of the challenge at bit this year -- Instead of last year's weekly themes, we'll be posting periodic tips relating to finding and expanding stubs and some suggestions to help you decide what to work on.

Feel free to post links to the articles you work on and let others know about the project! You can tweet at the Fanlore twitter account to let us know how you're doing.

If you haven't tried writing something for Fanlore before, Stub September is a good time to add more information to existing Fanlore articles without having to start your own page from scratch. If you have questions about Fanlore or how to get started, the Fanlore Gardeners are always willing to lend a hand, or you're welcome to leave a comment here at the Dreamwidth community.

Happy editing!
Monday, July 25th, 2016 12:34 pm
 I am trying to find out if the Library of Congress project to archive Fanlore is still viable. When the project was announced last year, contact with the LOC was managed by the Board. With the Board shake-up, I am wondering if the project info was passed along.  Is the project still on the Board agenda?  Do they have time to continue driving the project forward?  If not, would the Wiki Committee have time to keep the project moving?
Since the Library of Congress project may be something that has time-sensitive funding at their end, if the OTW does not followup on the project, the funding could be lost or the project de-prioritized. 

edited to add: I heard back from the Wiki - they think the Board gave permission and a form needed to be submitted by someone. Anyone else know the status of this project? Does the Loc need anything further?  Do we have an ETA or update on when they will start collecting or when it will go live. Is there someone at the LOC we could contact?

edited 2:  OTW legal confirmed that the  Board has approved the project. And someone is chatting with the LoC to see if they are planning to move ahead.
Monday, June 20th, 2016 10:03 pm
June Bloom is in full swing and we continue to be amazed at all the new pages that have been created this month! Thank you to you all!

New character pages that have been created in June include Soolin, Olag Gan, Elrond, Galadriel, Frisk, Xanatos, Matt the Radar Technician, and an impressive number of Final Fantasy characters! New relationship pages include Luke/Leia, Cougar/Jensen, and Rogue/Peter Petrelli. There have also been a variety of other wonderful new Fanlore pages!

This week's theme is fanworks!

Did you start a character or relationship article last week? This week, why not create a page for your favorite character study, or for a fan who impressively cosplays that character, or for a popular fancomic starring the character. Or start an article on your OTP's classic fics, or for a fanworks fest for the ship, or a doujinshi or fancraft featuring the pair. The possibilities are endless!

For help getting started, see Fanlore's Help article for fanwork pages. There are also Help pages for specific types of fanworks: Fanart, Podfic, Zines, and Vids. But remember—you don't need to write a in-depth article or fill out each of the suggestion sections in order to get a page started. Fanlore is a wiki, and growing and nurturing pages into full articles is a collaborative effort!

We would love to hear about pages you create or your future June Bloom plans in the comments below. Happy editing!
Monday, June 13th, 2016 10:37 pm
Thank you to everyone who has participated in June Bloom thus far! We are blown away by the number and quality of the articles that have already been created this month.

New fandom pages that have been created in June include Sex and the City, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Nice Guys, Here Come the Brides, and several Key animes. There have also been a variety of other wonderful new Fanlore pages. Keep up the good work! And, if you can, please help to nurture and expand these new pages!

This week's theme is characters & relationships!

Did you start a fandom article last week? If so, does it contain any red links to not-yet-existent character or ship pages? Let's get those pages started too! Or, move on to a new fandom and start sowing some seeds there!

Some characters that do not yet have Fanlore pages but have been mentioned elsewhere on the wiki include: Elrond, Boba Fett, Gabrielle (Xena), Jessica Jones, Tom Paris, and Uzumaki Naruto. Relationships without Fanlore pages include Steve/Danny (Hawaii Five-O), Sora/Yamato (Digimon), Willow/Tara (Buffy), and Han/Leia (Star Wars). Can you help get any of them started? For more ideas, see Fanlore's Wish List.

If you are new to Fanlore or need suggestions for what to add to a fandom article, check out Fanlore's Help pages on character articles and relationship articles. There is also a sample template for character pages and for pairing pages that may help you get started. But remember—you don't need to write a in-depth article or fill out each of the suggestion sections in order to get a page started. Fanlore is a wiki, and growing and nurturing pages into full articles is a collaborative effort!

We would love to hear about pages you create or your future June Bloom plans in the comments below. Happy editing!
Monday, June 6th, 2016 12:28 am
For the first themed week of June Bloom, we want to hear all about your past and present fandoms!

What are your current fandoms? Do you love a shiny new fandom that doesn't have a Fanlore article yet? Start one and help recruit more fans!

What is your first fandom? Feeling nostalgic about the fandom you started with, but haven't thought of in awhile? Create a page and revive your interest!

If your fandoms already have Fanlore pages, you can use the existing pages for inspiration! Are there any red links in the articles? Start those pages! The weekly theme are only a jumping-off point; you are welcome and encouraged to create any pages you want.

Some fandoms that do not yet have Fanlore pages but have been mentioned elsewhere on the wiki include: Batman: The Brave and the Bold, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, S.W.A.T., The Simpsons, Stephen King, & The Twilight Zone. Can you help get any of them started? You can also check out Fanlore's Wish List for more inspiration!

Remember: don't feel pressured to write a long, involved analysis for a topic. Fanlore is a wiki, so someone else will come along to polish things up and flesh things out. Simply starting a stub will plant a seed that will grow and bloom into a full article!

If you are new to Fanlore or need suggestions for what to add to a fandom article, see Fanlore's Help page on fandom articles for more information!

We would love to hear about pages you create or your future June Bloom plans in the comments below. Happy editing!
Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 01:48 am

It's time for Fanlore's second annual June Bloom challenge! (—or, as we like to call it, "How does this not have a Fanlore page yet?!" Month!)

June Bloom is the time to sow seeds by starting new Fanlore pages, and then to watch them grow and flourish into complete articles as other editors add their own knowledge and perspective. It is an opportunity to create the pages you always wanted to see on Fanlore and inspire others to help expand new pages.

The pages you create don't have to be complex! They can be a simple stub or a lengthy article. Plant a flower or a seed—either does its part to turn Fanlore into a beautiful garden full of diverse pages that everyone will be able to enjoy.

New users:

Remember: As an anti-spam preventative measure, brand new accounts are not allowed to create pages for the first four hours after their creation. But that doesn't mean you can't help by editing existing pages first! It will be great practice for those unfamiliar with wiki editing.

Start by checking out the New Visitor Portal, and from there the editing tutorial and Help:Starting a new page. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on a Talk page or contact the Fanlore Gardeners.

Some sources of inspiration:

  • Browse to the page for your favorite fandom (or indeed any Fanlore page) and look for red links! When an editor links to a page that does not exist yet, the link will show up as red by default. Simply click on the red link to start creating the new page!

  • The Fanlore Wish List is a page for editors make note of content the want to see added to the wiki, including pages they hope to see created and existing pages that need expansion. See something missing from Fanlore but don't feel up to starting even a stub? Add it to the Wish List!

  • There is also an automatically generated list of wanted pages, which lists pages that do not yet exist but which other pages link to. Feel free to browse the list if you're up for a challenge or in need of inspiration!

  • Take a look at what other editors are up to by browsing Special:NewPages.

Let us know about the pages you create for June Bloom in the comments below, or if you have any June Bloom-related plans or editing projects!

If you still don't know where to start, don't worry! Each week we will be posting a theme to help inspire you. Stay tuned for the first theme coming this weekend!
Monday, May 2nd, 2016 11:04 pm
MediaWiki upgrade updates!

We've resolved most of the bugs resulting from the MediaWiki upgrade last week, and are working hard to tie up the remaining loose ends. Thank you to everyone who sent in information! We will be following up on each report individually, and if you notice any other issues, please let us know!

One major issue still outstanding is a problem with page titles containing non-Latin characters or certain punctuation not displaying correctly. This problem is also responsible for the "Database errors" that sometimes appear on other pages linking to them. In order to resolve this, we'll be doing some work on our internal database today, May 3rd, in the evening UTC. During that time, there will be another one- or two-hour window when editing will be turned off, but there should be no downtime.

UPDATE: The database maintenance has been completed successfully, and the character encoding issues have been resolved! Most affected pages have been automatically changed to their correct titles, but there are a few cases (e.g. some titles consisting entirely of Cyrillic, Japanese, or Greek characters) that will need to be moved manually. If you see any pages that still need updating, let us know!

You may have also noticed that the Fanlore Search now has an autocomplete feature! We had some issues with the autocomplete function in the past (which caused it to negatively affect site speed and performance), but the recent upgrades have made several improvements, so we have turned the autocomplete back on on a trial basis. Please let us know if you notice any lags or performance issues with the site!

We will continue to post updates and additional information about the changes and Fanlore's new features, so watch this space!

In other news...

The Wiki Committee has been hard at work on a number of other internal projects and outside requests. We are also working to improve our internal documentation and procedures.

Since our last update, Sierra W. has stepped down from the Wiki Committee, bring our current committee to a total of 7 members. Sierra will remain a Fanlore editor and a Gardener, so look out for her around the wiki!

We would also like to thank everyone who donated or spread the word about the OTW's April Membership Drive! It's fans like you who keep Fanlore and the other OTW projects running, and we are very grateful. If you missed it, remember that you can donate to the OTW at any time!

As of May 2nd, 2016, Fanlore has 38,226 articles which have undergone 663,180 edits. We hope to see you on the (updated!) Recent Changes page!
Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 09:38 pm
Fanlore's upgrade to MediaWiki version 1.26.2 has been successfully completed!

As described in our last post, you will see some aesthetic and functional changes to Fanlore with this new update.

We have also deployed three new MediaWiki extensions: Disambiguator, MobileFrontend, and Thanks. More information about these new features will be posted soon. We are also still looking into the VisualEditor extension, and will be inviting the Fanlore Gardeners to help with testing and feedback before the feature goes live.

Please let us know if you experience any problems with the upgraded site, either in the comments below or via our contact form. We are already aware of and investigating a few small formatting and behavioral bugs, and we will have updates for you soon.

Many thanks to Emufarmers for all his hard work on the upgrade!
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 11:30 pm
The Wiki Committee has an important announcement!

We will be upgrading Fanlore's MediaWiki software on the evening (UTC) of Tuesday, April 26th. If everything goes according to plan, there should be no downtime, but you will not be able to edit Fanlore for a few hours.

Why the upgrade?
MediaWiki is the software Fanlore and many other wikis, including Wikipedia, are built on.

Fanlore is currently using MediaWiki version 1.19.3, which was released way back in 2012. This version is no longer supported by MediaWiki, which means that we will miss out on security and other critical updates.

We believe that it is important for Fanlore to be upgraded to the latest stable version of the MediaWiki software, version 1.26.2.

What will change?
In addition to bug fixes and performance and security improvements, MediaWiki 1.26 will provide Fanlore with several new tools and features, including:

  • Spam protection improvements
  • Category pages can be moved!
  • Changes to RecentChanges to remove the clutter (several edits to one page can be collapsed)
  • Live page preview when editing (optional, via preferences)
  • Detailed page information (action=info), including the number of users watching a particular page (for example, see the page info for a Wikipedia page)

You can see the release notes at for a complete list of changes.

A note on Fanlore's hit counters
The newest version of MediaWiki will remove page hit counters, including those found at the end of each article ("This page has been accessed XXX times."), Special:PopularPages, and the "Most Viewed Pages" section of Special:Statistics.

There is an extension we could add to preserve the hit counters, but unfortunately Fanlore's hit counters are not accurate, and the new extension wouldn't fix them. This is because our server is behind a reverse proxy, which caches pages in their processed form and serves them to visitors. This means that MediaWiki never actually sees most requests, so the total hit count we do see is inaccurate and misleading. Therefore, we will not be adding the extension, and this unfortunately means the end of hit counters and Special:PopularPages on Fanlore.

Adding Extensions
The MediaWiki upgrade will give us the option to add a number of new extensions to Fanlore to add new features and further customize the wiki.

In order to ensure that the MediaWiki upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, new extensions will be added only after the upgrade is complete. However, we would like to invite you to start thinking about what extensions you would like to see on Fanlore, and to let us know your thoughts.

Some extensions that have been previously requested and the Wiki Committee will be looking into include:
  • Disambiguator - The new version of MediaWiki will remove Special:Disambiguations by default, but this will add it back, plus a couple of new tools relating to disambiguation pages.
  • VisualEditor - A rich-text editor for wikis that gives editors an alternative to cumbersome wiki formatting.
  • MobileFrontend - Provides a toggle-able mobile-friendly layout for Fanlore.
  • Thanks - Kudos for Fanlore! Allows logged-in users to thank others for individual edits.

Let us know if you have thoughts on the above extensions or have suggestions for other extensions that might benefit Fanlore!

We're very excited for this upgrade, and hope you are too! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 02:49 pm
We celebrate fannish history every day at Fanlore, but April is traditionally the time that we reissue our invitation to share your old fandom faves and your personal fannish history.

Though we usually hold an April Showers of Fannish History event at Fanlore and AO3, the OTW has come to the org-wide decision that it's time for the traditional event to come to an end. We are all sad to see it go, but we believe that the challenge in its current format--involving choosing thirty different fandoms to highlight on each day in April--is something that we've outgrown, and a fandom-a-day challenge no longer best serves Fanlore.

Even though there is no formal challenge this year, let us take this opportunity to encourage you to share your fannish history! If you haven't done so already, add a "Fannish History" section to your Fanlore user page (and if you don't have a Fanlore account, make one)! Go through your old bookmarks and create stubs or add additional information about you old favorite fanworks and fansites! Help us work to preserve fannish history all year round.

We would also like to announce an April Editing Party! Join us on Sunday, April 24th at 16:00 UTC (when is that in my timezone?) in the Fanlore chatroom to chat about fannish history and your current editing projects.

In other news, the Wiki Committee has a lot of overdue announcements for you! Look for one coming in the next couple of days, and we'll resume our monthly newsletters starting at the beginning of May.
Monday, December 21st, 2015 12:58 am
We would like to invite you to a Fanlore editing party in the Fanlore chat room on Saturday, 26 December at 17:00 UTC (What time is that where I live?)

Come hang out with other Fanlore editors, and help us create and edit Fanlore pages for your favorite Yuletide fandoms and stories! Fanlore staff will be present to answer any questions about Fanlore editing and will be happy to assist new users. Everyone is welcome!

We hope to see you there!
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 07:22 pm
One of Fanlore's support team developed a "bookmarklet" tool that allows us to automatically create a citation for any website or other online document that is being cited on Fanlore. By using a standardized cite format, it will be easier to make bulk edits or corrections down the road. The cite tool also runs the URL through archive services like the WayBack Machine, and if the page is already in the Wayback Machine, it will include that backup link. This prevents "link rot" (when web pages disappear).

The bookmarklet runs on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Below are the instructions for Firefox

1. Right Click on your Bookmark Toolbar and select "New Bookmark" (What is a Toolbar?)

2. When the Bookmark box opens up, copy and paste this text into the Location Field.


note the ; at the end of the string

3. Give it a name in the Name box (ex: Cite Tool).

4 Click "Add". The bookmarklet should now appear on your Toolbar.

5. To test, navigate to Click on the bookmarklet and you will see this automatically generated cite code

{{source| url = | title = Fanlore | archiveurl = | archivedate = 2010-12-31 }}

6. Copy and paste this into your Fanlore page. It will look like this: FanloreArchived version


What if the page has not been archived by the WayBack Machine?
You will see an abbreviated cite code: {{source| url = | title = Fanlore }}

What do all the sections mean?
{{source = the beginning of the cite

| url = = The original page you want to cite

| title = Fanlore = the title of the page. This is where you can edit or add text. Many web pages have no "titles" so you may have to add some text such as

| title = Fanlore, a cool fandom wiki

| archiveurl = = the archived page.  The cite tool checks two locations - the WayBack Machine and WebCite. If the page has not been archived, the archived link section will be blank. You can always create your own backup link by using WebCite or the WayBack Machine (use the "Save Now" box). These backup services will not work on password protected pages, pages that have age statements or (in the case of the WayBack Machine) pages excluded from crawling.

| archivedate = 2010-12-31 = the date the archived page was created.

 }} = the end of the cite code

Can I add text around the cite?
If you want to add more text before or around the cite code, place it outside the brackets {{   }}

Come look at {{source| url = | title = Fanlore | archiveurl = | archivedate = 2010-12-31 }} a fandom wiki.

Come look at Fanlore, Archived version a fandom wiki.

EDITED: The WayBack Machine also has a bookmarklet you can use to create a backup link:

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 05:31 pm
The Wiki Committee has been busy the past two months! We apologize for missing the November newsletter, but we now have a number of updates for you:

Changes to the OTW Board of Directors

As some of you may have heard, the current OTW Board has resigned, effective December 15th. Despite these changes, all of the OTW's projects, including Fanlore, the Archive of Our Own, and Transformative Works and Cultures are operating normally. The Board certainly plays an important role in the management of the OTW, but their role is more focused on oversight and administration – it’s truly our volunteers who keep Fanlore going, and we’re all eternally grateful for their continued dedication and hard work!

For more information, you can read the most recent update from the 2016 Board members-elect, and the Fanlore article on the 2015 Board Election and aftermath, which provides a great background. Thank you to everyone who has been working on it! Further additions and perspectives are welcome, as always.

Fanlore technical issues

Some editors may have noticed slowdowns and error messages on Fanlore at the end of October. These were further symptoms of the site issues that affected AO3, which the OTW's hard-working Systems team were able to identify and resolve for the time being. You can read a report of the incident here at AO3 News.

There have also been issues with Fanlore's search engine recently - thank you to those who brought the problems to our attention! Unfortunately, it looks like our search index auto-updating isn't working as it should, so some search results have been out-of-date. We're still looking into the cause of the problem, but for now we've set the search index to fully update once per week. This means that you won't be able to search during the 2 minutes per week that it takes to update, but at least the index won't ever be more than a week out-of-date.

In other search engine news, we've increased the maximum number of search results returned from 1000 to 3000 results. The limit is to prevent undue strain on the servers when e.g. people search the wiki for "fan" (this gives 15,682 hits in the main namespace, if you're curious!). We believe the new limit will be more than enough for the majority of searches. For more about searching Fanlore, see Help:Searching.

Fanlore editing projects & category discussions

Earlier this month, editors started a discussion about renaming the Celebrities & Real People category. There is no consensus yet and more input is welcome.

Fanlore also has a shiny new Statistics category for Fandom Statistics and editors have been working on documenting a massive meta discussion on Tumblr about the history of fandom. In anticipation of the new Star Wars movie, editors have also been working on the Star Wars The Phantom Menace pages because back in 1999 it was the fandom that ate fandom. So if you are in the mood for a walk down memory lane, check out the pages in the Star Wars TPM Websites, Archives or Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction category.

What other Fanlore editing projects have you been working on?

Monthly editing chats

The Wiki Committee would like to to hold and attend more regular public editing chats, in order to increase transparency and communication between the committee and Fanlore editors. To this end, we will hold an editing chat before at least one of our twice-monthly committee meetings going forward.

The next editing party will be on on Sunday, December 13th at 17:00 UTC (what time is that in my timezone?) in the Fanlore chat room.

We know that these times might not work for everyone, so we encourage Fanlore editors to arrange their own editing parties! Anyone is welcome to choose a time for an editing party and announce it by posting to this Dreamwidth community. You can also ping [ profile] fanlore_news to re-tweet editing party announcements. We hope that this way editors in all timezones can be accommodated!

What's to come?

In December, the Wiki Committee will continue to work on outstanding tasks and respond to outside queries, and hopes to finish up some other behind-the-scenes projects before the new year.

As of December 3rd, 2015, Fanlore has 36,785 articles which have undergone 635,750 edits. We hope to see you on the Recent Changes page!
Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 07:08 pm
Over at the RPF talk page, a few of us are mulling over the possibility of changing the category Celebrities & Real People to something more recognizable to fans, like RPF Fandom or Real Person Fiction. I recollect the category used to be called just Real People, which was even more confusing because we had another category called People. "Celebrities & Real People" matches the fandom media type on AO3, but there's no law that says we must follow AO3's format.