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March 16th, 2013

Saturday, March 16th, 2013 01:04 am
The 2013 OTW term has begun! The current Wiki committee members are Tiyire (chair), Doro, and Emufarmers.
We are very happy to work with two excellent new liaisons from other committees: Alison from Volunteers & Recruiting, who helps us be more organized, and Agnieszka from Communications, who reanimated our twitter account. Check it out: [ profile] fanlore_news. In addition, Maia Bobrowicz joined Ira Gladkova as our second Board liaison. Welcome!

Wiki is making progress working on our procedures and documentation and tying up loose ends from last year. We're talking with several committees about better cooperation and how they can help us with our projects for this term, and so far this works out great.

From time to time questions about Fanlore's Image Policy appear on other sites and in conversations, and we are aware that confusion exists on what takes place on Fanlore. We are concerned about this matter and want to balance, as well as we can, the desires of individuals with the overall mission of the Fanlore project to document and preserve fannish history.

We want to be responsive to people's concerns but these are not usually quick matters to address, as various parts of the organization need to be consulted when it comes to policy reviews and the impact of potential changes. What we can do more quickly we will. In the meantime, several editors have added missing templates and permission statuses to image files - thank you!

As per our image policy, images that are uploaded without the permission of the creator need to meet fair use rules. As with most open posting sites, Wiki can't check every upload; we make sure that fair use rules are met when we are contacted about specific images. Legal advises Wiki on fair use disputes brought before us and every case has been solved to the best of our ability. On that note, if you do have concerns about the use of one of your images, please follow the process laid out in the Image Policy.

Legal and Wiki will be in discussion in coming months regarding the image policy as part of our committee's overall review of procedures and documentation. The concerns that have been expressed by fanartists, fans, and other parties will certainly be considered as part of that process. We will be posting more about the results of that review and clarifications for editors when it becomes possible to do.