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Sunday, September 13th, 2015 11:22 am
Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in Stub September!

There were many great contributions to character pages this past week, including additions to Gandalf, Elizabeth Bennet, Gregory House, and a handful of Harry Potter characters. We also noticed an influx of various new Buffyverse characters—perhaps their creation was influenced by the challenge? Either way, new Fanlore content is always a win! We are so thrilled to see all this great activity on the Recent Changes page!

To help you in expanding even more pages this week, we present a new theme:

The Stub September theme this week is Relationships!

There are some relationship pages created during June Bloom that are still stubs — Can you help expand them? These include:

Examples of other relationship pages that are currently stubs include:

and many more! Feel free to browse the stubs, pages that need expansion, and examples wanted categories for other pages that need work.

New editor? See the Intro to Fanlore FAQ, Help:Editing pages, and the formatting cheatsheet for the basics of wiki editing.

Please keep in mind that Fanlore is a wiki about fandom, not canon. A brief overview of relevant canon background information is welcome and encouraged, but the focus of the page should be about fans' engagement with the relationship. Some ideas to get you started:
  • How popular is the relationship within fandom? How often is it explored in fanworks or meta?
  • How has interest in the relationship changed over time, e.g. with the development of canon?
  • Are there any notable (e.g. historically relevant, hugely popular) fanworks for the relationship?
  • Are there any common trends or tropes in fanworks featuring the relationship?
  • Is there any widespread fanon about the relationship?
  • Have there been any significant meta discussions, controversies, or ship wars about the relationship?
  • Are there any websites, communities, or other online resources dedicated to the relationship?

See the help article on relationship pages for more information. There is also a sample pairing page template that you may find useful, but it is not necessary to follow its structure.

For lists of all relationship articles on Fanlore, see Category:Relationships.

You can search within the Stubs category (or any other category) using the "incategory:" parameter.

If you include the term "incategory:Stubs" in your search (i.e., in the search bar at the top-right of any Fanlore page), it will only bring up pages from Category:Stubs. For example, you can search "femslash incategory:Stubs" to find all stubs that contain the word "femslash".

Alternatively, you can search within another category for the term "stub". For example, "stub incategory:Harry_Potter_Relationships" (underscores required) finds stubs in Category:Harry Potter Relationships, and "stub incategory:Moresomes" finds stubs in Category:Moresomes. Note that "incategory" does not search within a category's subcategories, so "incategory:Relationships" won't bring up pages in Category:Pairings.

See Help:Searching for more information.

Check back next week for a new theme! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or to email the Fanlore Gardeners. We also would love to hear about your contributions to the challenge so far in the comments below.

Happy editing!


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