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Sunday, April 9th, 2017 11:58 am
As April Showers rolls along, the first featured fandoms have been revealed! We invite you to tell us your history, your stories; share your memories and experiences; preserve your fannish culture — in these fandoms or in any others!

The fandoms highlighted this week are listed below. Some of these pages are still stubs and can use some TLC; even those that aren't can always benefit from additional fannish perspectives!

April 1st — Attack on Titan: Attack on Titan is back! After almost a four year wait, fans are finally getting new episodes, which means new things to add to the Fanlore page. Preserve the #AttackOnTitan fandom before the next Wall falls! (retweet, reblog)

April 2nd — Fall Out Boy: #InfinityOnHigh, or infinity on repeat? Fanlore for more information! Help document the fandom that rocked #Bandom! (retweet, reblog)

April 3rd — American Girl: Your American Girl taught you about American history, but can you teach others about American Girl fandom history? From Kirsten & Molly to MaryEllen, Melody & Nanea, update #AmericanGirlDoll history on Fanlore! (retweet, reblog)

April 4th — Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds are go - to update the Thunderbirds page on Fanlore! Supermarionation and #Thunderbirds. You pull the strings at Fanlore! (retweet, reblog)

April 5th — The Road to El Dorado: It might not lead to gold, but the road to update this movie’s page is right here! Learn about #TheRoadtoElDorado on Fanlore, or add your own knowledge to the page? Both. Both is good. (retweet, reblog)

April 6th — Critical Role: #CriticalRole page on Fanlore needs your help to document the fandom! How do you want to do this? Vox Machina goes to hell. Updating the Fanlore page isn't even half as intense. (retweet, reblog)

April 7th — Ookiku Furikabutte: Even if it's not as a pitcher, I like you! Because you're working hard updating #Oofuri on Fanlore! You don’t need self-confidence to update this Fanlore page! (retweet, reblog)

April 8th — The Originals: Dead rise on #TheOriginals. Its Fanlore page could use some of that magic. Help by adding to it. What does the fandom think of season 4 so far? (retweet, reblog)

Remember, you don't need to limit yourself to the featured fandoms! Other fandoms that got some love on Fanlore this week include Mass Effect, Homestuck, 5 Seconds of Summer, Roswell, the McElroy Brothers, Overwatch, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Keep up the great work! \o/

You can follow each fandom as it's highlighted on the
[ profile] fanlore_news Twitter and the new [ profile] otw-fanlore Tumblr! If you're not sure where to start, check out our New Visitor Portal and the new Guide to Participating in April Showers.

Have you created or edited any Fanlore pages for April Showers? Tell us about your contributions!


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