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June 8th, 2015

Monday, June 8th, 2015 08:16 am

Thank you to everyone who participated in June Bloom thus far! Your dedication is truly inspiring. We're going into the second week of the June Bloom, and this week, why not remind yourself of your first fandom love?

Dig out all those memories of the fandom that first enthralled you and share them! Here are some ideas to get you started:

What is your first fandom?
  • Have exciting memories about the beginnings of a megafandom? Start a page: younger fans will adore reading them!
  • Have any funny stories or unknown details about fanzines, ships and such? Come and fill the other fans in: there's never enough details!
  • Feeling nostalgic about the fandom you started with, but hadn't thought of in awhile? Create a page, and revive your interest!

What is the fanwork that got stuck in your mind? What fic, what fanzine or vid, or fan art holds that special place in your heart as your first favorite? Come and gush about it: don't let it be forgotten!

Maybe you have funny anecdote about searching for Spike/Xander fics, or seemingly unimportant details about famous fans and their work: this week's all about them, so don't hesitate to write about it!

Finally, it's good to remember Fanlore is a wiki, so you don't need to write out an in-depth article: someone else will come along to polish things up and flesh things out. By simply creating a stub you will contribute in nurturing of fandom flower!

Need more inspiration? Check out Fanlore's Wish List. Not sure how to get started? See Help:Tutorial and Help:Starting a new page.

Keep an eye out for the next week, and tell us in comments about the pages you've made!