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September 27th, 2015

Sunday, September 27th, 2015 11:42 am
Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in Stub September!

Last week we saw some great contributions to all sorts of fan communities and venues of fannish engagement. This includes sites such as Wattpad, The Treasure Chambers Museum, and a couple of additions to the List of GeoCities Fansites—plus additions to fan conventions, fan clubs, fanwork challenges, and mailing lists. There also has been much activity in Blake's 7 fansite pages, including the expansion of The Blake‚Äôs 7 Library and the addition of a number of new articles.

For the remainder of month, we will revisit Fandoms! We already featured some fandoms earlier in the month on our [ profile] fanlore_news Twitter, but these last few days are a great opportunity for us to expand even more of our many fandom stubs!

There are some fandom pages created during June Bloom that are still stubs — Can you help expand them? These include:

Examples of other fandom pages that are currently stubs include:

and many more! Feel free to browse the stubs, pages that need expansion, and examples wanted categories for other pages that need work.

Some advice on editing fandom pages )

Search tips )

Thank you again to everyone who has taken part in Stub September! Tell us about your favorite Stub September contributions in the comments below!